Portrait to Scale: Male Survivors of Trauma Photo Exhibit at the Frank Juarez Gallery

Frank Juarez Gallery is pleased to announce its newest exhibition featuring new photographs by Adam Horwitz.

Join us for an artist reception on November 1 from 5 to 8pm with an artist talk at 6pm. The gallery is located at 1109 North 8th Street in Sheboygan. This exhibition runs from October 25 – November 29, 2014.


Courtesy of the artist

A portrait may be one of the more intimate and challenging interactions a photographer might undertake. There is no way to force a moment or a look, but that’s exactly what you’re trying to do. There’s something unexplainable that happens in the space between a persons face and the image plane. The photographer wants a certain feeling, and the subject wants to convey it, but somewhere in-between, we see something deeper. A calmness, a hopefulness, a story that can only be captured by not reaching for it. That’s the reason Horwitz makes portraits, the stories within stories, the layers a personal experience and craft that make a photograph of a face endlessly readable.

This series focuses on a small group of extraordinary people who have survived profound events in their lives, and have embarked on a journey of healing and growing through their camaraderie with one-another and the unique resources available through Milwaukee’s Healing Center.

There is a paucity of actual data on abuse and trauma survivors, but one thing that seems to be clear is that abuse of males and females is very underreported, misconceptions abound, and resources are scarce. The Healing Center is one of the very few places that offer support and a safe space for both women and men who wish to embark on their healing journey.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 2.13.27 PMThese men are not depicted as victims, a label that is often too easy to assign, and one that fails to portray who they really are, but as whole people. Complex and strong individuals, who have embraced their own healing journey and challenged the stigma associated with others who have survived trauma.

50% of all of the artist’s proceeds of this exhibition will be donated to the Healing Center, to support and further their mission to offer healing opportunities to survivors and their loved-ones through support, advocacy, and community education.

Gallery hours are Saturdays from 10am-4pm and by appointment. Open to the public.

Contact Frank Juarez at 920.559.7181 or frankjuarezgallery(at)gmail.com for further information about this exhibition.

Tony Conrad Reception at the Frank Juarez Gallery

Tony Conrad

‘Doodles’ Exhibition

September 13 – October 18, 2014


Yesterday we had our reception for gallery artist, Tony Conrad. This is his second solo show at the gallery. We had such a great turnout. It was nice to see familiar faces as well as meet new people. If you missed his reception, there is still time to see it. Also, when you stop by feel free to participate in our interactive room dedicated to doodling.
Here are photos from last night.

To see more reception photos, install shots and his work click here.

Frank Juarez Gallery announces high school gallery intern, Karly

Photo by Leslie Faye

Photo by Leslie Faye

The Frank Juarez Gallery is happy to announce its newest member to the gallery, Karly K.

Karly is a senior at Sheboygan North High School. She is currently taking AP Studio Art. She will be working alongside Frank Juarez learning on what makes a gallery successful. She is looking forward to meeting artists from the area, expanding her knowledge of art, and learning about the curatorial process. You’ll see plenty of her this semester at the gallery as well as throughout the community as she assists with various projects and programs. 

Karly will be organizing her very own art exhibition highlighting local high school art students’ work from the Sheboygan area in December. 

We look forward to working her this semester.

Welcome Karly!!!

Here is some of her work.

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Studio Visit with Sara Willadsen

IMG_1440Today I took a drive out West to visit the studio of Sara Willadsen. I was first introduced to her work via social media and came to realize that we have some mutual friends. Small world, huh? 

Sara writes, “I make pictures that satisfy my curiosity in aesthetics and found materials. Combining these articles with reappropriations of my own work allows me to employ past patterns and marks as prompts for new structures and environments. The aggressive process used to construct these secretive spaces is kept in balance with the consciousness to know when to stop”.

Here are some shots of her work at her studio.

I’m sure we will be seeing more of Sara as she begins to relocate back to Wisconsin.