Frank Juarez Gallery announces high school gallery intern, Karly

Photo by Leslie Faye

Photo by Leslie Faye

The Frank Juarez Gallery is happy to announce its newest member to the gallery, Karly K.

Karly is a senior at Sheboygan North High School. She is currently taking AP Studio Art. She will be working alongside Frank Juarez learning on what makes a gallery successful. She is looking forward to meeting artists from the area, expanding her knowledge of art, and learning about the curatorial process. You’ll see plenty of her this semester at the gallery as well as throughout the community as she assists with various projects and programs. 

Karly will be organizing her very own art exhibition highlighting local high school art students’ work from the Sheboygan area in December. 

We look forward to working her this semester.

Welcome Karly!!!

Here is some of her work.

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Studio Visit with Sara Willadsen

IMG_1440Today I took a drive out West to visit the studio of Sara Willadsen. I was first introduced to her work via social media and came to realize that we have some mutual friends. Small world, huh? 

Sara writes, “I make pictures that satisfy my curiosity in aesthetics and found materials. Combining these articles with reappropriations of my own work allows me to employ past patterns and marks as prompts for new structures and environments. The aggressive process used to construct these secretive spaces is kept in balance with the consciousness to know when to stop”.

Here are some shots of her work at her studio.

I’m sure we will be seeing more of Sara as she begins to relocate back to Wisconsin.

Juarez Juarez “Unfamiliar” Exhibition at the Frank Juarez Gallery

Frank Juarez Gallery is pleased to announce its newest exhibition titled, “Unfamiliar” featuring photographs by New York based artist, Juan Juarez.

Join us for a Skype Artist Talk on August 16 from 1 to 2pm. The gallery is located at 1109 North 8th Street in Sheboygan. This exhibition runs from August 2 – September 6, 2014.

Unfamiliar is a photographic index, which examines the morphology of subjective objects. These objects are part of a collection, which is motivated by personal memory and distinctive form. Most of these objects have been discarded or sold. They have a function, which may or may not be currently practical. Some of the objects may have metaphoric resonance.        

Juarez writes, “Objects exist within a specific cultural context whether mundane or extra-ordinary. As willing participants in culture, it becomes difficult to separate perception from preconception. Preconception governs how we perceive cultural objects and often dictates interpretation. Unhinge these cultural objects from preconceived notions imbedded in social or political context. What remains?”

These relatively mundane objects are specimens for examination. Examination requires time for analysis and conclusion. Visual perception is factored by time. This becomes a motivation for viewer interaction with Unfamiliar. My intention is to present these objects as pure form unencumbered by preconception. The presentation is designed to trigger valuation of how perception allows us to gather knowledge on a given subject. If left with only form, how does this affect our response to cultural objects? Do the specific details or parts of an object registered via visual perception lead to the same preconceived notions held before examination?               

Gallery hours are Saturdays from 10am-4pm and by appointment. Open to the public.

Contact Frank Juarez at 920.559.7181 or for further information about this exhibition. Visit us at